Abstract Fine Art Photography

When choosing a print consideration needs to be given to the size, format, colour and texture. All these factors will play a key roll in selecting the right print for your wall. In the image sample below a square format print was selected based on the dimensions of the wall it was going to be hung on, however this was not the only choice available but a good place to start. The size of the print was the next choice and that was based on the existing furniture in place, here the print becomes the hero without overpowering the luxurious 3 seater black sofa which is also dominant in this space. The table, lamps and vase are all complimenting without competing for dominance. You’ve heard of the saying ‘less is more’ and the same was applied here when selecting the print. With only 3 colours being present in this print the client now has the option of adding some additional colour to their space, this colour should be drawn from the print itself.